Technical notes
This site was built using wordpress 4.0.7 as framework.

It uses a numbers of key plugins:
• Types, used to define custom post types, custom taxonomies and custom fields • Access, used to define user access control and roles management • Members: a user, role, and content management plugin for controlling permissions and accesses.
• Adminer: a full-featured MySQL management tool • Duplicate post: it clones posts and pages • Enhanced Media Library: to help management of media files • Media File Manager Advanced: it gives you the ability to create sub folders in the upload directory.
• Nice Login Widget: it adds, builds and manages login-register widget

It uses two new custom posts, contacts and members, to show the relationship between members of the association.
It sports a customized headway theme with responsive layout that gives its best from 320px to 1050px.
No cookies are used in this site.