T.I.M.E. Projects

Every year a call for project is published to fund T.I.M.E. Projects. Each project can receive a financing of maximum 15. 000 €.
T.I.M.E. funding may be used as co-financing to a new or existing regional, national or international program already in place in your institution, as long as this T.I.M.E. funding brings added value.
Projects are funded for one year only.
Ongoing T.I.M.E. Projects
All the projects received a financing of 15.000 €.  Activities started in February 2018.

  • Job Networking Sessions
    • Coordinator: Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France)
    • Partners : PoliMi, PoliTo, U. Trento, U. Padova, La Sapienza Roma 1, UPM, ICAI, UPV, U. Sevilla, UPC, Centrale Nantes Centrale Marseille Centrale Lille, CentraleSupélec, Centrale Lyon
  • Highlight Misconception in Physics
    • Coordinator: Politecnico di Milano, Department of Physics  (Italy)
    • Partners : Università degli Studi di Trento (Italy), Doshisha University (Japan), Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Russia)
  • Diversity in STEM
    • Coordinator: Politecnico di Milano, (Italy)
    • Project Partners : TU-Berlin (Germany), Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium)