PolvaniMarco Polvani

Home institution: Politecnico di Milano – Management Engineer Bachelor and Finance Engineer Master
Host institution: Ecole Centrale Paris – Industrial Engineer
Current job: Consultant – Project Management improvement and Resource Planning optimization – Sia Partners Middle East, Dubai (UAE)

I have decided to apply for a Double Degree program to live a deep and long experience abroad and get a high value second degree.
The T.I.M.E. experience has deeply enriched my vision of the world and has helped me to grow as both personally and professionally. Moreover, spending two years abroad is the best way to deeply understand and appreciate the culture not only of the hosting country, but also of the other students in exchange.
I suggest to my compatriots to opt for host universities with its own campus of students, a reality we do not have in Italy and that is worth to experience.
Thanks to the T.I.M.E. experience, I have tight friendships with skilled and smart people all over the world (especially in Europe and South America) and I have access to customized and privileged access to high challenging job opportunities.

Sacha Yabili_150x150Sacha Yabili

Head in the stars: the pursuit of an aerospace dream.

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, I used to marvel at aircrafts flying above in the sky, and wondering how these elegant albatrosses could carry hundreds of passengers over thousands of miles. I had a dream, the dream that one day I will become an aerospace engineer and understand the working principles of aircrafts.
The journey toward achieving my aerospace dream started with a daunting decision; the decision to separate from everything that I had known and cherished in my life (my family, my friends, my country) and to start a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Liege in Belgium. It was a hard decision to make, but I knew that it was the right one.

When I first heard about the Top Industrial Manager for Europe (T.I.M.E.) program I was skeptical. Indeed, why would anyone spend an extra year of tuition and living expenses instead rushing into the job market? Soon enough though, when I realized that T.I.M.E. would give me access to a double master degree in aerospace engineering between the University of Liege, my home university, and the top French aerospace school ISAE/Supaero, the host university, skepticism was replaced by excitement, and doubts by determination. I submitted my T.I.M.E. application one hour before the deadline, but, without knowing it, this seemingly simple act will change the course of my life forever. Educationally, T.I.M.E gave me access to world-class aerospace curriculums, professors and research facilities, all of which brought my passion aerospace to new heights.
Moreover, T.I.M.E happened to be a unique personal experience, bringing together individuals from very different background, culture or geographies, which profoundly impacted the way I see and experience the world today.
Last but not least, at the professional level, T.I.M.E. opened me doors that I could never imagine even getting close to. Indeed, the quality of the program paired to its brand name and its alumni network equipped me with the skills and resources to successively become a visiting researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology, a management consultant at McKinsey & Company, a Strategy Manager at Air New Zealand and now a graduate student at the Harvard Business School.
Life is sometime a roller coaster, but following one’s dream is as guiding as the North Star, and T.I.ME. allowed me to turn my dream into a reality.

ZanziAndrea Zanzi

My name is Andrea Zanzi, I come from Italy.
My home university was Politecnico di Milano, where I completed my bachelor in 2007 and where I started my Master of Science; in Spring 2008 I was selected to take part in the T.I.M.E. programme and a few months later I moved to Université de Liège (Belgium), my host university, where I completed my Master of Science in Chemical Engineering, obtaining the T.I.M.E. double degree in 2010.
Less than 6 months after graduating I started working in the Oil & Gas industry at Sarpom Trecate Refinery (Novara, Italy), an affiliate of ExxonMobil, as Supply Analyst in the Trecate Refinery Coordination, position I covered until late 2014. I then moved to my current assignment, Contact Engineer within the Process Technical Assistance, taking care of the Gasoil Hydrofiners and Tail Units of the Refinery (PTA On Site – GHFs, KHSW and Tail Units Contact Engineer).
I chose to do the T.I.M.E. Double Degree because I strongly believe that studying abroad is a key experience for a student and, compared to other programs, the T.I.M.E. has much more to offer: it’s not just the double degree, it’s really having the opportunity to live for quite a long period in another country, attend courses and do exams as local students do. I decided to engage myself in the double degree program because I think it was a unique opportunity to broaden my horizons, see different places, learn to live in a different cultural environment, meet new people and start to build a network.
It was a challenging experience but I do have many positive memories of the time I spent in Belgium.
On the professional side I had the chance to study in a different environment, which means different language, different way of teaching and different exams, which was a great opportunity to learn to be flexible and adapt to different settings, skills I would hardly be able to develop at my home university . On the personal side, besides improving my skills with foreign languages (notably French) I appreciated living and experiencing a different environment. I learnt a lot about Belgium, which I now consider as my second home, I had the chance to see new places, meet new people coming from many different countries, make new friendships.
I will definitely recommend the T.I.M.E. programme because I believe it’s really a great experience to open your mind and grow under both the personal and professional point of view.

Graef Andreas Graef

My name is Andreas Graef from Vienna, Austria, and I would like to share my TIME experience.

I started my studies of Applied Mathematics at Vienna University of Technology in 2002 and quickly developed the wish to spend a part of my studies abroad. Thus I was fascinated about the fact that Vienna University of Technology had a double diploma agreement with Ecole Centrale Paris within the scope of the TIME program. The chance to live abroad for two years, to study in French and to obtain two degrees immediately convinced me.
I spent two wonderful years (2004 – 2006) in Paris: I took part in campus activities, made friends with people from all over the world (a quarter of my class were TIME students!), progressed in understanding and expression in a foreign language, discovered how surprisingly similar young people with different cultural backgrounds feel and behave … and worked a lot at Ecole Centrale Paris, to be honest.
Looking back, I have to admit that every hour was worth the effort: Not only I obtained a solid understanding of science, I especially had to adapt to another way of thinking. While students undergo a classic “academic” curriculum at my home university, the studies at Ecole Centrale Paris aim at a general engineering perspective, at a broad overview with business-oriented application and training in languages, culture and sports.

Back in Vienna, I finished my studies in 2008 and graduated in Applied Mathematics from Vienna University of Technology and in General Engineering („Ingénieur généraliste“) from Ecole Centrale Paris.
Later, I complemented my education with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Vienna University of Technology. Even in my doctoral studies (though theory-oriented by definition), I often profited from the applied perspective I got used to in Paris.

Today, I am employed in the public healthcare sector and work as a Project Manager for Medical IT Services at the “Niederösterreichische Landeskliniken-Holding”, the operator of the university and regional hospitals of Lower Austria. In my daily job, I have to combine technical and social skills: from technical analysis and conceptual design to negotiations, presentations and hours of communication with team members and suppliers. This mixture reflects the two aspects the TIME program taught me: if necessary, show a detailed expert know-how, and always assure a solid, broad overview.

Concluding, I like to remember the period when I was part of the TIME program, and I am still profiting from the acquired knowledge. Thus I can warmly recommend the TIME program as a challenging, but infinitely enriching opportunity to any motivated student.

Lamolle Denis_150x150 Denis Lamolle


My name is Denis Lamolle, and I took part to the T.I.M.E. experience in 2005.

After four years study in the polytechnics school of the « Université Libre de Bruxelles », I was given the opportunity to join SUPAERO in the south of France in the frame of a TIME double degree exchange program. It was for me an excellent opportunity in order to get specialized in aeronautics, and to step in aeronautical industry.

This international experience was amazing: regarding theory, we were given classes with students having a very different background than ours, and we had to step back and adapt ourselves to the new conditions of learning. In addition, we attended very specialized modules focused on flight mechanics and aerodynamics, as well as modules more focused on real industrial life.
Regarding the practical approach, we were given incredible opportunities to practice aeronautical and physical experiments in the school laboratories, as well as in the industry.
This T.I.M.E. challenge lead me to obtain the title of mechanician engineer in Brussels, as well as aeronautical engineer in Toulouse. Furthermore, this experience widened my industrial experience and knowledge, to better prepare my professional career.

Today I am working in AIRBUS Helicopters, the entity of AIRBUS Group focused on the helicopters assembly. Inside the prototype department, I am head of an international team located in France and Germany which role consists in managing all development and qualification activities performed on the whole helicopters fleet. My scope includes the first development prototype assemblies and flights, as well as the upgrade activities performed on our current existing fleet.

Definitely, I would not have reached my current position without joining T.I.M.E. exchange program. The international open-mindedness acquired during this experience is a very strong asset for all students, to face the reality of the industry.