T.I.M.E. is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated under French law. Its members are 53 leading International Engineering Schools and Faculties and Technical Universities from around the world.

There are two membership categories: Associate and Active Members.

Associate Members

An institution is considered an Associate Member if it recently joined the Association and has not yet met the minimum requirements to be considered as an Active Member. After joining the network, it must:

  • Within two years, demonstrate that it has taken the necessary steps regarding academic regulations for Double Degrees to be possible;
  • From the third year, it has at least one student per year engaged in a T.I.M.E. Double Degree programme;
  • From the fifth year, it has Double Degree programmes with at least two other countries.

As soon as these requirements are fulfilled, it becomes an Active Member.

Active Members

An institution isconsidered an Active Members if:

  •  It meets all the requirements
  •  it develops and runs Double Degree student exchanges with T.I.M.E. members in at least two different countries.

Active members may be elected to the Advisory Committee by the General Assembly.

Admission procedure

The T.I.M.E. Advisory Committee appoints an Admissions Committee which reports concerning potential new members and advises on admissions policy.

Since 2004, new membership of T.I.M.E. has been possible by invitation only.